Aston Martin accused of black PR against electric vehicles

Aston Martin accused of black PR against electric vehicles

December 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British company has organized a series of publications in the press about the harm to the environment from the production of electric cars

Aston Martin, controlled by Canadian businessman Lawrence Stroll, may be involved in the spread of misleading information about the harm that electric vehicles cause to the environment. This conclusion was reached, in particular, by the founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Michael Liebrich, who published a post on LinkedIn.

Articles with the headlines “Electric vehicles are not as environmentally friendly as they think” are published in the press almost every day. However, this time similar notes were published by a number of serious British publications, including The Times, The Telegreph and the Daily Mail. All of them referred to a study that was disseminated by the PR agency Clarendon Communications.

Liebrich and a number of other specialists immediately drew attention to the fact that the information in the study is, to put it mildly, “distorted”. So, it compared the harm from the production of one electric car with the harm from the exhaust of a gasoline car. The researchers concluded that only with a mileage of 80 thousand kilometers, the harm from burned gasoline is equalized to the damage that is done to nature when creating an electric car and generating electricity for it.

At the same time, the “researchers” generally did not take into account the harm to nature that is caused by the production of gasoline cars. In addition, they calculated the passport consumption of gasoline, and not how much the car consumes in real conditions.

In contrast, for electric cars, real energy consumption data was used, taken from recent tests conducted by Polestar.

In the document, the authors referred to data from several car companies, including Aston Martin. With the help of open sources, Liebrich found out that only one employee was listed in Clarendon Communications, the director of the company Rebeca Caroline Stefans. Librich managed to find out her place of residence. It turned out to be the home of James Michael Stephens, who is the director of external relations at Aston Martin. Apparently, the couple are husband and wife.

Having bought shares in Aston Martin earlier this year, Lawrence Stroll has postponed indefinitely all of the company’s electric car projects. He explained this by the difficult financial situation of the British mark. Later it became known that Aston Martin was able to agree with Mercedes on the use of German developments in the field of electric transport, but their implementation will take several more years.

It looks like the entire PR campaign was organized by Aston Martin in order to turn public opinion and postpone the introduction of restrictions on the sale of gasoline cars at a later date.