Artificial intelligence will check Volvo quality

Artificial intelligence will check Volvo quality

July 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company has invested two Israeli technology startups.

Volvo has invested two Israeli technology start-ups that are developing advanced technologies for the automotive industry. They were the first firms outside the United States and Europe to receive such support. Their development will improve the quality of cars and increase safety.

UVeye and MDGo are based in Tel Aviv and are part of the DRIVE project – an accelerator for start-up companies in the smart mobility sector. This project has been supporting Volvo since 2017 through its Volvo Cars Tech Fund venture capital investment fund. MDGo specializes in the development of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine: its machine learning technology is able to predict the nature of injuries sustained in an accident and notify emergency services. Zaki Fasihuddin, head of the investment fund, is confident that the mission of MDGo – saving lives – surprisingly coincides with the mission of Volvo.

The second startup, UVeye, is working on technology to automatically check the car body for various defects. At the same time, Volvo does not just finance the development, but plans to use UVeye scanners in production. Trial tests of the system will be conducted at the plant in Torslanda, Sweden, until the end of 2019. In addition, the technology can be implemented at different stages of logistics and in dealer centers, which will positively affect the quality of cars.

Artificial Intelligence plans to use Porsche. Together with the startup iNDTact, the German company has developed a system that will allow to detect problems with the car in the early stages. It is a neural network capable of recognizing noise and vibrations, as well as using any deviations from the norm to interpret the nature of the breakdown.