Artificial intelligence will be introduced into digital control panels of cars

Artificial intelligence will be introduced into digital control panels of cars

February 5, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Visteon, ECARX and Qualcomm Technologies have announced plans to develop advanced digital cockpits that can be used in internal combustion engines and electric vehicles.

Through a partnership between the three companies, Visteon and Qualcomm Technologies will develop intelligent platform solutions that provide drivers with personalized car cabins. The future system will use the third-generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit platform and Visteon’s new SmartCore system, which can independently control multiple displays and applications through the cockpit.

“Our collaboration with ECARX and Qualcomm Technologies on smart cabs will provide users with a new digital experience. Visteon is pleased with our work with ECARX and Qualcomm Technologies. Our teams have undergone rapid development, design and integration together and strive to provide the technology and creativity for high-quality cockpit interactions across multiple segments, ”said Visteon President and CEO Sachin Lavande.

Qualcomm is one of the world’s leading chip manufacturers and has grown significantly in the automotive world in recent years. Just last week, he announced the expansion of his partnership with General Motors in a deal in which the two companies will work together on driver assistance systems, infotainment and in-car communication technologies. The chipmaker is currently working with 20 carmakers around the world, and about 150 million vehicles with its chips are already on the road.

According to Qualcomm’s senior vice president and general manager of the automotive division, Nakul Duggal, the company “focused not only on silicon, but on everything related to silicon”: AI, applications, services. “The automotive industry is changing. The car is changing. The definition of the transport network is changing. The car software is changing. “