Arrivabane resigned as the head of the F-1 Ferrari team

Arrivabane resigned as the head of the F-1 Ferrari team

January 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The relevant information appeared on the official website of the Italian team. The place of Arrivabane will be taken by Mattia Binotto.

Mattia Binotto is not a new man in the team, before he served as technical director. And, apparently, it will continue to occupy, since the technical departments will still be assigned to it. “After long discussions, the decision was made jointly with the president of Ferrari,” the site said.

 “The decision was also made on the basis of the interests of the team and Maurizio himself. Ferrari thanks him for his contribution to the development of the team and increasing its competitiveness. I would like to wish him success in the future. ”

 Arrivabane took up the post of head in November 2014. Then he came instead of Marco Mattiachi. During his leadership, Ferrari three times occupied the second position in Cuba designers. The publication Corriere della Sera reports that Maurizio is already called in Juventus, the club’s president Andrea Angielli is in talks. It is assumed that the work of the former leader of the F-1 team will be related to the commercial sphere.