Arquus Scarabee or the future French military SUV for the fleet?

Arquus Scarabee or the future French military SUV for the fleet?

July 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This creation was presented by the guys from the company Renault Trucks Defense. The car is one of 725 candidates for the “post” military off-roader of the French fleet army.

Controlling all the wheels, driving the rear wheels – whatever you call it, is actually not a new technology. Over the past few decades, quite a few cars have appeared with this type of steering system, which improves the handling, maneuverability and stability of the car on high-speed and low-speed gears.

Arquus Scarabee is a military “behemoth” made by Arquus Defense, formerly known as Renault Trucks Defense, but has since adopted a new name after the Volvo Group acquired the company in 2018.

The main advantage of the Scarabee is not in its similarity with the American SUV Humvee and not in its adaptive suspension and a load capacity of about 1814 kg. We are talking about his four-wheel steering system, which allows the “beetle” to move sideways (if necessary) or in any way that the driver deems necessary. This was possible because the wheels of a hefty monster can rotate independently of each other. Moreover, the Scarabee is also an all-wheel drive vehicle, which means that the power of its high-performance engine is transmitted to all wheels with individual control.

Speaking of power, the Arquus Scarabee is driven by a 300-horsepower diesel engine and a 103-horsepower electric motor, both installed in the rear of the SUV. The hybrid system is very much needed by the car, since it weighs 5,987 kg.

In addition to the four-wheel steering and hybrid system, the Arquus Scarabee is designed to be able to be dropped from the air, making it an excellent choice as a military vehicle.