Arnold Schwarzenegger now sells electric cars

Arnold Schwarzenegger now sells electric cars

June 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The famous actor, who played a cult role in the movie “Terminator”, continues to be active, despite the rather old age. This time, he appeared in an advertising joke, offering cars with huge internal combustion engines in the cabin of electric cars.

The advertising campaign “Kicking Gas” got a rating roller. The video gained its appeal due to the participation of Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, as well as through the idea itself. So, Iron Arnie played the role of manager of the electric car dealership. But as buyers learned, his main passion is the masclera with traditional American engines, huge fuel consumption and the complete absence of the concept of environmental friendliness.

 Arnie tried to dissuade all potential customers from electric vehicles by offering alternatives. We have to admit that many clients recognized the actor or recognized the joke itself. However, there were those who seriously believed the Terminator in the role of car salesman.

The video was created by order of the non-profit organization Veloz, which promotes electric mobility. Arnold himself loves big cars, nevertheless supports electrification.