Armored Cadillac Al Capone sell for a million dollars

Armored Cadillac Al Capone sell for a million dollars

January 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The car of 1928, owned by one of the most famous gangsters in the world, was put up for sale by Celebrity Cars from Las Vegas.

On sale appeared Cadillac Town Sedan 1928 release, which has an interesting history. This car once belonged to Al Capone, a well-known American gangster of Italian descent, who cranked his business in Chicago in the 1920s and 1930s. The original car has been thoroughly modified to fully match its owner. Cadillac was equipped with thick bulletproof glass. At the same time, side windows can be raised if necessary: ​​a small, but very convenient gap for shooters is formed. The rear window also opens so that you can shoot at the cars of the pursuers.

Each door of the Cadillac was reinforced with steel sheets. Also, cars rely on a police siren, a flasher and a radio hidden in the glove compartment. The color of the car repeated the hue of police cars. This was done so that the car of the gangsters could not be distinguished from the transport of law enforcement officers. This skillful disguise very often confused the policeman and helped the gangsters to cover their tracks.

Over its more than 90-year history, Cadillac Al Capone managed to run just 1,787 kilometers. For this legendary car they are going to help out at least $ 1 million.