Armored bus Margaret Thatcher put up for sale

Armored bus Margaret Thatcher put up for sale

January 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The armored minibus, which was used by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during a tour of Northern Ireland, was put up for sale. The current owner of the vehicle asks for him 25 000 pounds sterling. Initially, the price of the bus was 5 million pounds, reports The Sun.

Armored car weighing 17.5 tons is designed for 36 people. He can withstand the hit of a bullet fired from a 7.62 millimeter small firearm. The armored capsule is equipped with special filters for air purification under chemical or biological attack.

According to the owner, despite the depressing state of the bus, it is still on track. The machine can accelerate to 130 km / h and is equipped with a 12-liter diesel engine.

The bus was built specifically for the trips of Margaret Thatcher after the assassination of terrorists by the IRA in 1984. According to the owner of the armored car, now it can be used, for example, as a medical vehicle in combat zones.

Earlier on sale there were two armored “Mercedes” on which Boris Yeltsin moved. The first Pullman Sonderschutz was donated to the Russian president by Chancellor Helmut Kohl, later he was visited by Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. The seller claims that Yeltsin “went to official and informal meetings” on this car.