Armored army car Arquus Scarabee built in France

Armored army car Arquus Scarabee built in France

June 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the exhibition of military equipment Eurosatory in Paris, a light armored car Scarabee company Arquus. Soon he can replace in the French army armored car Panhard VBL.

The all-wheel-drive Scarabee is developing the Panhard VBL armored car, which has been in service with the French army since 1990. Arquus is the new manufacturer of armored vehicles from France, formed by the merger of Renault Truck Defense, Panhard and ACMAT. The company is part of Volvo Trucks Corporation.

Arquus already conducts factory tests of the first prototype of the Scarabee. In size, it is somewhat larger than Panhard VBL. The main features – the central location of the driver’s seat, three-section windshield glazing “semicircle” and sliding doors. The developers say that this increased the ergonomics of the crew car. The armored car is set in motion by a hybrid diesel-electric power plant.

The developers report that the armored car can be equipped with a remotely controlled combat module Hornet 30 with a 30 mm automatic cannon.

According to the current plans of the French Ministry of Defense, from 701 to 2025, 730 Panhard VBL armored vehicles should undergo modernization: in connection with the increased weight they will be replaced by engines, transmission, brakes and suspension.

In parallel, the military wants to open a VBAE program for the choice of a new armored car of the same class. The new Arquus Scarabee should fit into this project. His rival for the money of the French military could be an Australian-made Thales Hawkei.