Are budget brands more reliable than more prestigious?

Are budget brands more reliable than more prestigious?

February 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The fact that automakers of low-cost cars make more reliable models than representatives of the more expensive premium segment, according to research results. But still, the Japanese Lexus has become the most reliable brand in the world.

You might think that the financial effort spent on buying a premium car as compared to any more affordable model gives you confidence in reliability over the years. Although in some cases this is the case, the new study shows that on prestigious cars there are on average more problems than on their more accessible counterparts.

Judging by the results of the study guys from the company D. D. Power, which was devoted to the study of the reliability of vehicles, brands from the so-called affordable segment showed themselves better than luxury brands.

The study shows that, on average, 141 problems were recorded per 100 premium-class cars, while 135 problems were found in cheaper cars. The study was conducted from October to December 2018 based on data from 32,952 car owners of the 2016 model year.

However, the fact that premium cars had on average more problems than conventional cars is not a reason to judge that expensive cars are less reliable in all cases. For the eighth year in a row, the Japanese brand Lexus ranks first in overall reliability among all brands, with a total of 106 problems per 100 cars. Another premium brand Porsche shares second place with Toyota with a score of 108 problems out of 100 cars.