Arcfox ECF concept will become a massive crossover

Arcfox ECF concept will become a massive crossover

April 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An ECF electric show car was shown a year ago in Geneva without technical specifications.

Starting in August, Chinese engineers will be able to purchase a mid-size SUV, based on the concept of Arcfox ECF. The electric car, the look of which is engaged in the former Volkswagen chief designer Walter de Silva, will be the first mass model from the Arcfox brand. In addition, the newcomer will be the pioneer of the platform IMC (Intelligent Module Criterion), developed by the BAIC Group in conjunction with Magna.

The name of the model is written on the trunk door: either αT (“alpha-tee”), or aT. Earlier it was written Mark 5. The model is slightly larger in size than the Hyundai Santa Fe: 4788x1940x1683 mm, the wheelbase is large – 2915. Tire size: 235/50 R19, 245/45 R20.

According to expectations, the power unit of the SUV consists of two electric motors with a total capacity of 218 hp, 360 Nm. There is a choice between front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The maximum speed is 180 km / h. Cruising range is unlikely to exceed 450 km in the NEDC cycle. The expected price is about 200,000 yuan.