Arcfox α-T premieres in China

Arcfox α-T premieres in China

June 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BAIC’s new electric car from the Chinese automaker, Arcfox α-T, has appeared at brand dealerships in China.

The new BAIC International electric crossover, dubbed Arcfox α-T, has appeared in Chinese salons. The model uses Delphi Technologies technology for the charging control unit (CCU), which offers fast charging in addition to advanced diagnostic capabilities, which make the process safer and more reliable.

The Delphi Technologies charging control unit contributes to this goal by providing not only fast charging, but also advanced diagnostic capabilities that make the charging process safer and more reliable. Unique features include charging port monitoring and fault diagnosis, which are designed to immediately alert drivers of potential dangers.

It is designed so that it can be adapted to work with almost any charging station around the world. The possibility of enhanced communication with energy carriers also allows you to connect to smart stations that are electronically controlled by energy suppliers.

Arcfox α-T boasts a range of 653 kilometers and impeccable controls. The crossover is already available for pre-order, deliveries will begin in August.