Aptera prepares an electric car with a range of 1000 miles

Aptera prepares an electric car with a range of 1000 miles

August 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ten years of development of production, technology and supply should help the revival of the American brand.

A long time ago (in the relative time frame of a modern electric car), a company called Aptera developed a promising, ultra-efficient electric car. The three-wheeled two-seat cockpit looked like the fuselage of a small plane. Time passed, and in 2011, Aptera began returning deposits for a car named 2e before it went bankrupt and closed the store. Assets were bought by the Chinese company Zap Jonway, and the story ceased, and everyone thought that this was the end.

However, according to the IEEE Spectrum, the founders of Aptera gathered again and bought their intellectual property to re-launch the brand and Aptera 2e EV. Three founders, Chris Anthony, Steve Fabroe and Michael Johnson, told representatives of the publication that they plan to create the most efficient electric car in the world. To do this, they completely updated the old design, drawing on years of new production (including additive) know-how, improved materials, technologies and a more reliable supply chain.

The new Aptera electric car will use 50 kW engines, probably on all three wheels (a two-engine installation will also be tested). Batteries will range from 40 to 100 kWh, which in an aerodynamic light car (60 kWh version will weigh about 1800 pounds) will provide the car with a maximum range of up to 1,000 miles (1,600 km).

Aptera is still in the early stages of its second life. Now we need working prototypes that require funding. The brand has just launched a crowdfunding campaign and is in talks with more traditional investors, trying to raise $ 2.5 million. At the same time, Aptera will build three prototypes that can be presented next year and are considering the possibility of creating a six-seater autonomous vehicle in the future.