Aptera has created the Never Charge option for electric cars

Aptera has created the Never Charge option for electric cars

October 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Aptera startup got a second wind after bankruptcy and demonstrated the design of an electric machine, which under specific conditions does not require recharging.

Used solar panels enable the driver to drive up to 64 km daily without charging a car. According to the Profile agency, Aptera intends to develop in the future an electric car that will not need to be recharged at all, the car will use only solar energy. At the moment, an option called “Never Charge” provides energy that is enough for 64 km of travel per day.

Currently, an energy-efficient model is presented only in computer variation. The video shows all the main technical aspects of the machine, including Elaphe Propulsion electric motors integrated into the wheels. The creators of Aptera talk about both energy efficiency and the excellent aerodynamics of the car.

 The mass of the electric car will be approximately 815 kg, and the total battery charge (not only solar) will make it possible to drive up to 1600 km. If the driver is not going to travel long distances, then he is able to get by with solar energy, which means he can move on an electric car for free.