April auto show in Beijing may not take place

April auto show in Beijing may not take place

February 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the news feeds there was information that the Beijing auto show could be postponed. The reason is the spread of the new deadly coronavirus. Rumors about the fate of the April motor show have not yet been officially commented.

April auto show in Beijing may be canceled. The fact that the motor show will be postponed, writes the publication Autocar, citing sources familiar with the situation. According to them, participants in the automobile exhibition received a notification from the organizers that the motor show was postponed “until further notice.” At the same time, one of the Autocar sources, recalling that the information is not official, nevertheless expressed his confidence that the exhibition would not take place in April. In this case, the term for which they plan to postpone the event will depend on the coronavirus.

 Recall, the Beijing auto show should open its doors on April 21 and last until the 30th.

┬áThe decision on the transfer, which the media talked about, is quite expected. Various security measures are now being taken in Beijing: travel bans, suspension of international flights, as well as the constant processing of streets with special chemicals. At the same time, experts say that delaying the showroom can cause a significant blow to the “heavenly” auto industry, which is struggling to rehabilitate itself after the recent market crash.