Apple will entertain passengers with virtual zombies

Apple will entertain passengers with virtual zombies

April 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Apple patented an entertainment system for car passengers, which uses virtual reality technologies. It will allow people sitting in the car, for example, to be surrounded by zombies.

The system works with a helmet of virtual reality, which is connected to the internal systems of the car. The latter allow you to change the picture shown to passengers, depending on the speed and direction of movement. The data can be obtained from the device connected to the diagnostic OBD-II port.

In the zombie scenario that is mentioned in the patent application, during a stop at a traffic light in a virtual world, a decayed engine will be simulated, which will start only after the enable signal is turned on.

At the request of the passenger, he can receive and educational content on the area where the car is located.

The documents also indicate that the device will be able to help passengers who are shaken during the movement. Plus, it will be designed for use in machines with autonomous control systems.

Earlier, Apple invented for smartphones an analog of the “air mode”, which is activated on the driver’s gadget while driving. It blocks the appearance of notifications on the screen and automatically responds to incoming messages with text indicating that its owner is behind the wheel.