Apple patented self-learning drone system

Apple patented self-learning drone system

October 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Apple’s navigation system will be smarter when driving on the road with a route estimation module. It was previously believed that the project was canceled at the beginning of 2019, but all sources indicate that it is still working.

Apple’s proprietary navigation technology can use the cloud to improve drone driving routes.

 Apple’s project, codenamed Project Titan, is partially classified. In January, the American corporation said it had pushed its employees away from the autonomous driving project, but said it was still working on “autonomous systems and related technologies.” Therefore, perhaps the project still continues to exist. After all, the new patent application for an “autonomous navigation system” and the increased number of permits for unmanned driving give reason to think that Apple is still working on its project.

 The US company’s navigation system, as described in the patent application, is based on a cloud with route plans. It is reported that they use the downloaded data from one fully autonomous vehicle to refine and develop the route. They will subsequently be followed by other autonomous cars that will follow “regardless of any data received from any devices external to the car,” but when the car is connected to the Apple cloud, the route will be optimized and improved in comparison with that what a drone can count on.

 It is reported that this “route estimation module” has the ability to receive sensor information, review and process it to update on-board navigation data, and later provide the best route for the user of unmanned vehicles. Simply put, Apple’s drone will be even smarter in paving the road.