Apple patented electric vehicle cooling system

Apple patented electric vehicle cooling system

April 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Application submitted by Project Titan to the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Apple has patented a thermal management system for electric vehicles and hybrids. According to the application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a well-known manufacturer of a smartphone suggests using a modular refrigeration unit for this purpose.

The edition of Autocar writes that the proposed temperature regulation system from Apple consists of several subsystems or circuits. These are the refrigerant circuit, the heating circuit, the cooling circuit, the battery circuit and the power circuit. Each of the subsystems has a heat exchanger connected to a different circuit, which provides for their selective heating or cooling.

The modular refrigeration unit can be assembled on the manufacturer’s side, charged, tested and delivered to the assembly line as a ready-made unit for subsequent installation in cars. The patent application also considers the possibility of using a liquid-cooled gas cooler: it can, for example, remove heat from the refrigerant subsystem and direct it to the heating circuit of the passenger compartment.

The development of a thermal management system was carried out by a group of engineers known as Project Titan. It consists of engineers who previously worked in a company that produces electric cars. For example, Vincent Johnston, who before Apple managed to work at Lucid Motors, Tesla, and also Boeing.