Apple is looking for suppliers of laser sensors for its drone

Apple is looking for suppliers of laser sensors for its drone

February 22, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The American smartphone maker won’t release its debut car as soon as we’d like. Apple is still looking for partners among the firms involved in the production of lidars.

In order for unmanned vehicles to confidently navigate the road, special devices are needed. For example, lidars. With their help, the drone will be able to form a true picture of the surrounding space.

Apple has begun searching for suitable suppliers of such laser sensors, according to Bloomberg. The fact that negotiations have just begun suggests that it will take a few more years for an autonomous machine with the Apple logo to appear.

According to agency sources, Americans need lidars that are best suited to work on the road. The company itself did not comment on the fact of negotiations.

Since 2017, Apple has been testing its robotic taxi technology in California. The first cars were equipped with the so-called lidar stack, consisting of ready-made components.

In 2019, Reuters wrote that Apple is again communicating with lidar manufacturers about cooperation, but now this project has actually started anew.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews said that the first Apple electric cars will not be available for sale. The company is first going to test its strength in the corporate segment.