Apple has patented the voice control of smart cars

Apple has patented the voice control of smart cars

January 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Apple’s new patent describes technology developed by technology giant Cupertino, which essentially turns an autonomous car into a smarter car that can be controlled with voice commands.

Just like a Siri-based car, a car equipped with the new Apple system will be technically capable of reaching a specific destination after the owner uses a standard voice command, such as “Let’s go to [address]”. This technology is called the Guide to Autonomous Vehicles in the Neighborhood of the Destination Using the Intent Signal and is described in detail in a patent published on January 23.

However, the more impressive part of the system is its smart ability to determine the correct destination based on more general commands. Apple explains that the owner of the car can simply tell the navigation manager that he wants to drink a cup of coffee, and the system will then find the right place based on a number of criteria, such as the cafes that were visited earlier, the distance to the destination and the price of coffee.

In addition, based on the sent voice command, the system can search for the right parking place, again analyzing certain information, for example, the destination where you are going. So, in the patent, one scenario is described in detail when you want to buy something heavy, and the system directs the car to a closer parking spot so that it is more convenient for you to get to the car on your return.

The company also plans to integrate with its own devices, explaining that someone can point the smart device (most likely the iPhone) to an accessible parking spot, using a system that then instructs the car to park there.

It goes without saying that at the moment this is just a patent, so it may take years before it reaches mass production. But more importantly, how Apple plans to use it: whether it will sell this system to other automakers or use it on its own Apple car.