Apple Gadgets Won’t Hijack A Car

Apple Gadgets Won’t Hijack A Car

April 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil can block keyfob signals

The owners of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have found that the devices block the signals of a nearby key fob during charging and interfere with the operation of the keyless entry system. Apple has recognized the problem and explained it to the wireless charging feature.

On the page dedicated to charging Apple Pencil second generation of the iPad Pro, there is a footnote about possible failures in keyless entry systems. Apple explains that signal overlap can prevent you from opening the car with an electronic key. To solve the problem, you need to remove the key from the tablet or remove the Apple Pencil from charging.

Publication Gizmodo indicates that the problems with wireless chargers and car charms for a long time known. The Wireless Power Consortium, which oversees the Qi wireless charging standard, has even issued a number of recommendations for using certified car chargers. The document states that interference may occur when you unlock the doors, open them or start the engine. Device manufacturers are advised to indicate that they can interfere with the operation of the electronic key, and also take this into account when installing charging.

Earlier it was reported that BMW intends from next year to turn the CarPlay system, which allows to integrate Apple smartphone into the car’s multimedia system, into a subscription service – from this year car owners will have to pay $ 80 a year to access the system.