Apple fired dozens of employees of unmanned vehicle

Apple fired dozens of employees of unmanned vehicle

September 10, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Apple has closed several departments and freed dozens of employees who worked on the development of unmanned vehicle.

This writes The New York Times, citing three sources familiar with the situation. According to the newspaper, suffered cuts all departments that were involved in the project, known as code-named Titan.

It is noted that interlocutors forbidden to publicly talk about it. Apple has refused to give comments on the matter. “The reduction is another indication that the Apple’s project faces challenges” – said in the article publication.

The company worked on the project last two years. In July, as the newspaper notes, Apple invited Bob Mansfield – former senior vice president of development of hardware products Apple – to participate in this project.

Under the direction of Mansfield, writes the NYT, the company changed the focus of the project. Apple said employees that their release is part of restarting the project, the newspaper said.

Apple has never acknowledged that it is working to create a car, but CEO Tim Cook, writes the newspaper, said that the automotive industry is changing. “He seemed to have confirmed the existence of automotive design at the annual shareholders’ meeting,” – writes NYT.

Earlier this year, the vice-president Steve Zadeski left the company for personal reasons. According to rumors, the dismissal Zadeski provoked delays in project development and internal problems such as lack of time and organizational change. Initially Apple Car project was planned to be implemented by 2020, but delays have led to the postponement to 2021.

Meanwhile, according to the publication sources, the company is already testing several fully autonomous vehicles. According to newspaper sources familiar with the company’s plans, the tests take place in a confined space.

In September 2015 it was reported that the company has stepped up efforts to produce electric vehicles and plans to deliver the first machines in 2019. The Wall Street Journal reported then that project managers were allowed to triple the state, which was at that time 600 people.