Apple expanded the fleet of stand-alone prototypes

Apple expanded the fleet of stand-alone prototypes

January 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to the consulting company Navigant, Apple is lagging behind in the race for the release of the first car with a full autopilot. It was overtaken by corporations such as Uber, Google, Waymo and Aptiv.

The American electronics giant Apple has registered an additional 24 prototypes with autopilot functions in the Department of Transportation of the State of California. By this he wants to strengthen his position in the race of autonomous driving technologies, in which Google is the main competitor.

In April 2017, the California regulator reported that Apple had registered only three crossover Lexus RX450h. After that, the giant managed to add 2 new prototypes in July, 7 in October, 2 in November, 6 in December and 7 in January. Thus, only 24 new cars.

Apple from the very beginning hid its plans to build an electric car with an autopilot, unlike well-known automakers and many competing tech giants, including Google.

Initially, the media reported on Apple’s intention to develop its own car on an electric motor. However, later in Cupertino decided to abandon this project. Instead, they focused exclusively on developing autonomous driving technologies that could be sold to automakers.