Apple engineer will create an autopilot for Volkswagen

Apple engineer will create an autopilot for Volkswagen

October 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For a long time, the German manufacturer Volkswagen kept aloof from the topic of unmanned cars. The company was focused on the development and production of electric vehicles, announcing the recently updated Golf. Now, management has decided to tackle autonomous driving systems. For this, they even created a special unit.

Volkswagen has opened a Volkswagen Autonomy (VWAT) subsidiary to develop autopilot. She already has several offices in Munich and Wolfsburg (Germany). Over the next two years, the manufacturer will increase the number of headquarters, with one of them located in Silicon Valley, and the other in China.

VWAT’s goal is to develop technologies that will equip Volkswagen cars with autonomous driving systems. Former Apple Engineer Alex Hitzinger heads the new department. Reportedly, he previously participated in the creation of electric cars of the “apple” brand.

Volkswagen Autonomy management made it clear that no one is preparing a revolution. Priority remains the testing of software developed jointly with Ford and Argo AI – the latter belongs to VW, which has invested more than $ 2.6 billion in the enterprise. The result should be a system for moving a car with minimal human intervention.

Volkswagen Autonomy CEO noted that Google’s Waymo remains the leader in self-driving cars. However, he believes that so far all manufacturers are “far from a real commercial and viable product” in the field of autonomous driving systems.

 “We plan to start commercializing autonomous driving on a large scale around the middle of the next decade,” said VWAT CEO Alex Hitzinger.

One of the latest announcements of VW has become a self-parking system. The company intends to use it in cars of its own production since 2020. In parallel, testing of autonomous sedans on the streets of Hamburg (Germany).