Apple electric car can get Hyundai E-GMP platform

Apple electric car can get Hyundai E-GMP platform

February 4, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This architecture is suitable for vehicles with different body types. The first to test this “cart” the latest electric cars Genesis EV, Kia CV and Ioniq 5.

Analyst Minchi Kuo of the “celestial” firm TF International Securities Group is known for his clairvoyance when it comes to Apple products. And we’re not talking about the acclaimed 14th “iPhone” now. The company is going to bring its own electric car to the market – it became the object of close attention of Minchi Kuo.

The specialist shared his forecasts with investors, but the data of his report got on the Web thanks to the MacRumors portal. According to the Chinese analyst, the future electric car from Apple, while for convenience referred to in the media as iCar, will not appear until 2025. The American company will enlist the help of engineers from the Hyundai Motor Group, which means that the electric car can receive the E-GMP platform.

The Hyundai Mobis division will be engaged in the production of the future battery new car. KIA will find a place for iCar at its facility in the US state of Georgia. This division of labor will help Apple complete the development of its electric car faster, bringing the market debut date closer, Kuo is sure.

Also, the American carmaker General Motors and the newly-minted car corporation Stellantis can join this project.

Minchi Kuo can be wrong, like any person, but do not forget that the accuracy of his predictions exceeds the 78 percent mark.

Meanwhile, Rivian electric vans entered service with Amazon. The cruising range of such a car is 240 km. In the future, the number of cars transferred to Amazon will increase – the deal will be a record in the commercial vehicle market.