Apple CarKey service or digital keys to your car

Apple CarKey service or digital keys to your car

June 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The technology giant introduced an updated Apple CarKey car access service and said it would replace ordinary car keys. To open the car, you need to use an iPhone or Apple Watch with NFC.

During the Worldwide Apple Developers Conference, tech giant CarKey unveiled a new feature to be introduced in iOS 14. The first car to support it is the recently updated 2021 BMW 5 Series Business Class Sedan.

CarKey uses near field communication (NFC), and the car owner must keep his iPhone or Apple Watch near the door for this system to work fully. A person must confirm their identity using either Face ID or Touch ID, after which the car unlocks. There is also an Express option to skip the authentication step.

CarKey also allows the owner to share the digital key with others through a regular message.

According to rumors, a person can provide three levels of access: unlock the trunk, open doors and be able to drive a vehicle. There are also options for limiting maximum power, available power, maximum radio volume, and more.

Do not worry about using this technology when a battery runs out on your device. The power reserve feature allows CarKey to continue to operate for five hours after turning off the iPhone due to low charge.

A digital key is not a new idea in the industry because Tesla and Hyundai offer similar solutions. However, Apple’s implementation is slightly different, allowing owners to share the digital key.

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