Apple acquires the startup

Apple acquires the startup

June 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Technology giant – the company Apple, on the eve of the startup has acquired The latter is engaged in the development of autonomous control systems for the vehicle.

About two years ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Bloomberg about the company’s intentions to plunge into developing its own autonomous control systems. Yes, all the way for the iPhone maker from Cupertino was not entirely smooth, since at the beginning of the year 190 people were excluded from the technical team engaged in the development of self-driving systems.

This week, Apple has confirmed its commitment to developing self-driving technology by acquiring Startup, created in 2015 by researchers at the Stanford Institute, is testing autonomous minivans in Texas and reports that it has been looking for a new investor for some time. The investment with the company Apple, received $ 77 million, the company itself was estimated at $ 200 million back in 2017. Interestingly, a self-managed start-up announced just a couple of weeks ago that it will be closed “because of subsequent events that are not controlled by or are not known to it.”

The fleet of consists of a modified Nissan NV200 with 10 cameras, four LIDARs and a radar system – all these are finished products. Everything related to software was developed in-house – that is what interested Apple. Vans stand out in traffic jams thanks to four LCD displays mounted on the bonnet, front fenders and in the rear of the car. These screens display various messages, such as “Waiting”, “Going”, “In / Out” for informing pedestrians.

The value of the deal was not mentioned, but it shows that Apple still believes in its Project Titan and does not want to abandon its ambitious program to create autonomous cars. It is believed that the company employs about 5,000 people participating in this project, and it wants to speed up development after buying a startup.