Apex AP-0 electric track car concept debuted

Apex AP-0 electric track car concept debuted

March 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A light and powerful car equipped with a third-level autopilot was presented at a special event in London.

The Hong Kong company Apex Motors organized the debut of its “green” track car AP-0, which has access to public roads. The spectacular two-door, based on a carbon fiber monocoque, weighs only 1,200 kilograms. She also gets a composite chassis, reinforced brakes and a suspension in the style of Formula 1 cars. The supercar is shod in 19-inch wheels in the front and 20-inch ones in the rear.

 Outwardly, the novelty is similar to the Lehman prototypes, it also has something from formula cars.

 The power plant includes a lithium-ion battery of 90 kWh and an electric motor that produces 658 hp. Its weight reaches 550 kg. Up to “hundreds” of the track car accelerates in just 2.3 seconds. A similar result in this exercise, for example, shows the 1842-horsepower Hennessey Venom F5. The maximum speed of the Apex AP-0, according to the assurance of its creators, reaches 306 km / h.

  Without recharging such an electric supercar will travel about 515 kilometers. Up to 80% of the car will charge in just 15 minutes, provided that the terminal has been used (up to 350 kilowatts). With a conventional terminal (22 kilowatts), charging time grows to 8 hours. Inside the car, carbon-fiber bucket seats are featured, as well as a stylish steering wheel made of carbon and aluminum.

  Also new to the sensors are LiDAR sensors, which scan the space around the car and create as much as possible a three-dimensional map of the area. Apex AP-0 also has a 3rd-level autopilot, the capabilities of which can be expanded over time due to firmware. Add to this the holographic display of augmented reality and many other useful electronics. On the conveyor, the novelty will only appear in the last quarter of 2022. In the meantime, a plant in the UK is still under construction. But the starting price of the supercar is already known – 150,000 pounds.