Any off-road on the shoulder – 2020 Ford F-150 pickup truck from TCCustoms

Any off-road on the shoulder – 2020 Ford F-150 pickup truck from TCCustoms

February 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

TCCustoms tuning studio specialists equipped the full-size pickup with a suspension lift, as well as the Magnaflow exhaust system. Upgraded truck parts can be purchased from an authorized Ford dealer.

Many dealerships of various car manufacturers have been offering customers original spare parts for their cars for years. Want a new exhaust for your Mustang? Ford Performance has what you need. Need to upgrade suspension for your Toyota Tacoma pickup? No problem. Over the past few years, dealerships have made a significant leap in terms of expanding the range of available components and assemblies, and not necessarily original ones.
Tuning company Town & Country Ford from Alabama (USA) has created a private brand called TCCustoms, which now offers a huge number of parts for different automakers. Today I want to talk about a new set of options for the Ford F-150 2020 pickup.

 Among other things, the guys from TCCustoms offer a high-performance BDS suspension for a pickup truck – the ground clearance is now 15.24 cm. Massive 35-inch off-road tires are “dressed” on 20-inch black wheels. Customers are also offered another Magnaflow exhaust system with two tailpipes that are located in front of the rear wheel on the passenger side.

   The ability to order various components and assemblies for your car from tuning companies directly in the dealership is a very convenient practice. This is beneficial for the dealers themselves – with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, some of the car maintenance (which dealers do), such as changing the oil, will simply not be needed. And so, they will take money for installing parts from different tuning companies. Yes, and it will be easier for customers – right in the cabin I chose the desired part from the tuning studio and ordered.

Not so long ago, we wrote that a Ford dealer introduced a more off-road version of the F-150 pickup. One of Ford’s dealerships has decided to add more features to the full-size pickup truck to overcome the terrain.