Antoine Hubert: Alain Prost gave me a lot of advice

Antoine Hubert: Alain Prost gave me a lot of advice

August 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Antoine Hubert in September will turn 23 – by the standards of modern motorsport, quite a mature age, given that, for example, Max Verstappen is one year younger than last year’s GP3 series champion.

But while Max has been successfully performing in Formula 1 for the fifth year, Hubert is holding his debut season in F2, and although he has already won a couple of victories, including on the legendary city highway in Monaco, he only dreams of moving to the highest category of motorsport.

But he has chances, because from this year he has been included in the youth program of Renault.

“I understand that now that I have a connection with the Formula 1 team, this can become a reality if I show good results,” says Antoine. – I was lucky that two years ago at the Renault Sport Academy I met Alain Prost, we talked for a while, and he gave me a lot of advice. Last year we compared his style of piloting and how I drive – it turned out that there are similarities. We did it with a view to the future.

I know that I can get a chance to get into the factory team of Renault if I show good results in Formula 2. We played well in the first half of the season, and this, of course, will help, because I have to demonstrate what I can do.

So far, everything is going to mean that another season is waiting for me in F2, and we have already begun negotiations on this. Of course, we need to do some work and find the necessary funding. My goal is to fight for the title in 2020, so now we are exploring various options. Some teams are already showing interest, which is good. However, of course, I also have to pay maximum attention to the challenges that face me this season. ”

For the past eight stages, and this is 16 races, Hubert scored 77 points and occupies the 8th line in the individual competition. A week later, he will start at the Spa – a year ago, speaking in GP3, Antoine twice went up to the podium in Belgium, taking 3rd place in the first race of the weekend and 2nd in Sunday’s sprint.