Another Tesla Model 3 exploded in the garage

Another Tesla Model 3 exploded in the garage

January 23, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The explosion of Tesla Model 3 is reported by the Chinese media.

The Tesla Model 3 electric car again exploded spontaneously in one of the parking lots of an apartment building in Shanghai. Video recordings of the fire or photographs have not yet been published. Chinese media believe that the car caught fire spontaneously, but Tesla has a different opinion on this matter.

In the corresponding message, Tesla indicates that the cause of the fire could have been damage to the bottom of the electric car and the batteries under it. There is no information about the extent to which the car burned down, but it is known that there are no victims in the incident.

Earlier, the publication has repeatedly reported cases of spontaneous combustion of Tesla cars in China. In one of the cases, an electric car caught fire burned two more cars parked nearby. In all cases, there were no fire victims.