Another McLaren Senna burned out in Austria

Another McLaren Senna burned out in Austria

July 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The fire has already destroyed at least the second copy of the McLaren Senna, and this time the audience of thousands of people gathered at the Red Bull Ring in Austria witnessed the fire.

Before the national stage of Formula 1, a parade of modern supercars was held, driven by famous racers. Behind the wheel of the McLaren Senna got the Austrian Gerhard Berger, who previously spoke for the team in the world championship.

One of the laps on the track was already completed by the pilot on a burning supercar, which was removed by the fans on the podium. Why the car broke out McLaren does not know yet, but is investigating the situation.

This is not the first fire involving Senna. Earlier, the popular YouTube-blogger Salomondrin lost his supecker, who owned only a couple of weeks – his coupe also caught fire on the move and was completely destroyed by fire.