Another Kia Cerato: the aggressive grille is already in the base and the new motor

Another Kia Cerato: the aggressive grille is already in the base and the new motor

February 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Published new photos of the new sedan Kia, intended for the Chinese market. In China, the model had a completely different design

The Kia C-Class sedan has several names. So, in the States, the model is called Forte and in Korea and China it wears the K3 index. Sedan changed its generation at the beginning of 2018, new generation cars are already available in many markets, including in the Russian Federation. However, the novelty will reach the Celestial Empire only in the summer of 2019, and the Chinese version will differ significantly from the global one. The first photos of the sedan intended for the China were posted online last month, but now fresh pictures have appeared, published by the publication Auto.Sina.

At Kia K3 in the past photos on the bumpers there were red inserts, which probably indicates that the paparazzi then caught the “sportive” option. On the fresh frames of the red decor is no longer there, that is, before us is the base machine. It turns out that an increased grille with vertical wedges is not the prerogative of any particular version – such a grille is put on a standard sedan. Another difference from the “world” model: the Chinese sedan received other headlights and more aggressive bumpers, the rear lights have changed the picture. The interior architecture is the same as that of the global Cerato, while the Chinese sedan has a different climate control unit, plus more chrome is used in the interior trim.

Chinese media reported on the new engine: the engine 1.5, the return of which is still unknown, supposedly will replace the 128-horsepower 1.6 engine. The latter is completed with six-speed manual or automatic transmission, most likely, the new engine will be combined with the same boxes. The previous-generation sedan in China is still offered with a 1.4-hp turbocharger (130 hp) and a seven-speed robotic box with two clutches – this pair will go to the new model. Also, the next Kia K3 is being recharged with a rechargeable hybrid version, but data on its installation has not yet been disclosed.

Judging by the fresh photos, the release of the new sedan has already started – the pictures are clearly made on the Kia and Dongfeng JV production site, the previous model was also “registered” there. The predecessor, by the way, finished the 2018th in the “minus”: 77,920 cars were sold, which is 44% less than in 2017.