Another image of Tesla Truck electric pickup appeared on the Web.

Another image of Tesla Truck electric pickup appeared on the Web.

April 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Independent designers created a render based on the first photos of the future Model Y’s crossover. Judging by the images, the pickup will be quite compact and double.

Despite the fact that, starting from 2017, at every presentation of Tesla company reports about a pickup truck being prepared, it is still not there. It should be noted that interest in this model does not fall, and independent designers only fuel interest in a possible new product. This time, the design studio X-Tomi Design presented their own version, created on the basis of the Tesla Model Y compact crossover.

The crossover should appear soon, but the pick-up remains in the plans of Ilona Mask. Despite this, a realistic image demonstrates a stylish pickup with compact dimensions. The model received an aerodynamic double cabin, and a cargo compartment instead of rear seats.

Of course, it is very early to talk about any technical specifications. But considering the base as a Model Y crossover (in turn, built on the basis of Model 3), we can assume full compliance with the company’s “accessible” line.

The power reserve can be about 450 km at full charge of the battery, and the cost can start from 45 000 km.