Angry workers threaten the launch of a cheap electric car Dacia

Angry workers threaten the launch of a cheap electric car Dacia

October 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Unions demand from Renault to cancel plans to import cars from China

Renault unveiled its Spring electric car last week under the Romanian subsidiary Dacia. This car claims to be the most affordable electric car in Europe.

The problem, however, is that Spring will not be produced in Romania, and even less so in France, but in China, at a joint venture between Renault and Dongfeng. Actually, they are already doing it there for the local market under the name Renault K-ZE.

This angered the French trade unions, writes Bloomberg. In addition to the fact that the sale of Dacia Spring will not contribute to an increase in the number of jobs in Europe, the delivery of electric cars from the PRC will only lead to an increase in sea freight and pollution of the Earth’s atmosphere by diesel ships.

The nuance is that in the era of the coronavirus, the Renault concern faced enormous financial difficulties and was forced to ask for financial assistance from the government. President Emanuel Macron agreed to provide the company with five billion euros, but asked for more electric vehicles and made it necessary to coordinate spending with unions.

Now unions are demanding that the supply of Dacia Spring be dropped from China, threatening to cut government funding. At the same time, workers are not at all opposed to producing an electric car at factories in Europe. But this will require new investment and will lead to higher prices for the Dacia String. As we already wrote, so far only the cost of the car in Hungary is known, where a small electric car was estimated at about 11 thousand euros.