Andy Green: In the history of Force India begins a new chapter

Andy Green: In the history of Force India begins a new chapter

December 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The past season was the most difficult in the history of Force India – the team almost went bankrupt, during the summer break there was a change of owners and names, so at the stage in the Spa they had to start all over again. Technical director of the team Andy Green has no doubt that thanks to the investments of Lawrence Stroll, Force India will achieve serious success.

Andy Green: “In fact, in 2018 we spent two seasons. The first half of the year was very difficult due to financial problems. We had difficulties not only in order to make new items, but in order to just bring cars to the track. We were one step away from the brink.

Nevertheless, we have invested every available cent in the modernization of the machine. We fought with rivals, but in fact we did not have the car we wanted to see. We received such a car only in Singapore, although according to plans this should have happened much earlier.

The task was complicated by the fact that we simultaneously tried to keep afloat and at the same time design a new car. This was the main problem – in the summer expenses are increasing, and there are practically no new revenues. We know how difficult this phase is, so we are planning a budget accordingly. This year, however, planning alone was not enough.

As a result, we worked using only a third of the usual resources. You had to make decisions that you cannot even imagine. At some point, the modernization of the machine was out of the question. The team had a lot of distractions, but now we can focus on making the car faster.

In recent years, we had a certain plan for spending, but in 2018 it evaporated in the air. This is the worst scenario you can imagine – you think that you have money, but in fact you don’t have it, and you have already spent it all. Now the team has a budget, and we know that there really is money. In such a situation, we have never had to be before – we can work better. ”

In Force India, they plan to increase the staff from 410 to 500 employees and build a new base. Andy Green believes that the team will avoid the problems associated with too rapid growth: “We want to grow gradually, not change everything at once. The core team will remain the same, but several new specialists will join us.

The most important step will be an increase in production capacity. We need this in order to quickly and independently produce the necessary components. In the past, the team had no such opportunity. ”

Andy Green added that the goal of Force India for the 2019th year is fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship: “We haven’t looked for excuses before, but if we’ve failed in 2019, we will not be able to write it off for lack of money. Even if something goes wrong, we can quickly fix the errors. There are no “political games” in the team, the problems are in the past, and we are determined to move forward.

Begins a new chapter in the history of the team, and I hope that next season we will progress more rapidly than the others, and reduce the backlog of the best teams of the championship “.