Android Auto was first launched on a Tesla electric car

Android Auto was first launched on a Tesla electric car

June 14, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The creator of the device, AAWireless, managed to run the Android Auto system on a Tesla car, opening up access to all kinds of Android applications. And although the software has started working, it is too early to talk about a full-fledged implementation.

Tesla vehicles rely on their own control systems and do not officially support Android Auto. Despite this, Emil Borkoni was able to run Google’s system on a Tesla display with touch controls. The operation of the system was accompanied by a number of limitations. For example, it is active only while the car is in motion. It is equally important that the author of the video achieved this without additional equipment, limiting himself to a smartphone.

Emil Borkoni went to a number of tricks. So, the connection is carried out through the Android Auto server created on the mobile device, and after that the connection is made to the internal Tesla system through the access point. At the moment, the launch is limited to Tesla V3 hardware and does not work on the V2 version. It also supports Tesla Model 3, but not 2017 Model S where the page is not displayed. In addition, the picture is only available in 480p, which means you need to solve problems with scaling.

Another problem is that Tesla cars turn off Wi-Fi when the car starts moving or goes into reverse mode. In this case, a reconnection is required. Moreover, the system does not allow access to microphone, GPS and multitouch. The developer did not specify if he plans to share his achievement with the public.