Andrew Shovlin: Russell did a great job

Andrew Shovlin: Russell did a great job

April 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the final test day in Bahrain, George Russell got behind the wheel of a Mercedes W10, driving 101 laps and leading the protocol on Tuesday with a time of 1: 29.029. The main tasks that he solved were the collection of information on the work of the aerodynamic body kit and work with settings.

George Russell (1st): “On tests, the results of passing circles mean little, but if you manage to lead the protocol of the day, it is always a special experience. We worked very productively, the team received a large amount of information that will help it progress.

Today I piloted another car, not the same as usual, and learned a lot – it will help me improve the racing skills. “

Andrew Shovlin, chief race engineer: “It’s great that today George once again piloted our car, and we are grateful to the Williams team for allowing it.

George did an excellent job with his business: his approach to working on tests, stability, and feedback suggested that he had spent not two races in Formula 1, but already two whole seasons.

In the morning we successfully worked, although the program was dense, because yesterday we didn’t manage everything because of the rain, but today we coped with all its points. Unfortunately, during the day break in the cooling system, a small leak was found that could not be eliminated quickly, which is why we started the day part of the program with a big delay.

And although we could not do everything that we wanted to catch on the tests, the most important tasks were completed, and we leave Bahrain, having collected a lot of information and already better understanding the features of the car and rubber. In addition, we were able to test a number of new products that we plan to present in the next races. ”