Andrea Dovitzioso: MotoGP has changed a lot

Andrea Dovitzioso: MotoGP has changed a lot

March 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The activity of Alex Rins in the middle of the race was the key to the victory of Andrea Dovizioso, who used the high power of Ducati as efficiently as possible to counterattack the Spaniard.

“I knew that Rins would be very strong, even with his two falls on Saturday. He is unrealistically good in the race, and his cornering speed is simply extraordinary, ”said Dovi. – I want to draw attention to his bike, which is the opposite of my bike. I can accelerate well, develop high speed on a straight line, but on turns I am inferior. ”

According to Dovi, rubber wear has become a major factor.

“I wanted to stop him every time he took the lead, because it was too early for speed limits. No one can drive the whole race to the limit. I think he started too soon, ”Dovi added.

At the end of the race, Andrea kept Mark Marquez back and finished 0.023 seconds earlier.

“I think MotoGP has changed a lot. Valentino finished fifth and lost just 0.6 seconds. No one is trying to drive a distance as quickly as possible, because you can end up in a very bad situation, ”explained Andrea. – I think the best strategy is to choose the right moment. I managed. During the race, kept the tires, which helped stop Rince.