And what about the McLaren and Ferrari crossovers?

And what about the McLaren and Ferrari crossovers?

December 29, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Off-road vehicles and crossovers are simply incredibly popular and that says it all. The independent artist decided to fantasize about how crossovers from such prestigious brands as McLaren and Ferrari could look.

Even exotic supercar manufacturers realize that crossovers and SUVs (SUV segment cars) are simply very popular and need to be developed. It is these types of vehicles recently acquired with an enviable popularity. No less legendary company Lamborghini has already presented its mid-size Urus crossover.

 We know that another brand from Italy – Ferrari is preparing its own crossover, which will be called Purosangue.

While combing the Internet in search of interesting news, I came across a couple of really interesting design projects from a talented designer named George Tedoradze. On one of the renders is a crossover with a Ferrari brand badge, while the other is a McLaren label. I note that the British have repeatedly said that in any case they will not make their crossover.

Possible crossover from McLaren, the designer called the 820X. Some of its elements are similar to the 720S supercar. Although in general, the model does not seem like many models of the brand. The Ferrari X712 crossover, although externally similar to McLaren, has a much more elaborate exterior – wide sides with thin windows, aggressive exterior elements. Under the hood of such a car could be a V8 engine with two turbines.