An unusual six-wheel Cadillac hearse will be on sale

An unusual six-wheel Cadillac hearse will be on sale

December 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In January 2020, a auction will be organized by the Barrett-Jackson auction house where they will sell the 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood for the production year, which they turned into a rather strange 6-wheel hearse.

The owner acquired a decommissioned Cadillac Fleetwood and began to remodel it. First, he made the Cadillac longer and mounted an additional axle from the front. In the process of refinement, in particular, elements from the 1959 Cadillac station wagon were used. Then the enthusiast removed the body panels from the engine and “sawed off” the roof of the cabin.

The hearse has a 8.2-liter V8 petrol power unit, working together with a 4-band automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive system. On the motor there is a custom collector of very large dimensions.

It should be emphasized that at present the starting price of an unusual car under the name Pirate Surf Mobile is unknown.