An unusual cargo found in a car at a US auction

An unusual cargo found in a car at a US auction

June 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Buying used cars can lead to some interesting finds in them. For example, as recently happened with one American who bought a car at auction.

So, a resident of the city of Laredo, Texas, found 17 packages of cocaine in his car. He immediately reported his find to the police, and when the “cops” arrived at the scene, they found 17 more packages containing drugs in a hidden compartment.

According to The Drive, the weight of each package was 1 kg, so 34 kg of cocaine was stored in the car. In monetary terms, this is approximately $ 850,000.

“I thank the person who warned us about the drugs found. If he weren’t honest, the drugs could fall into bad hands,” said Martin Cuellar, sheriff of the Webb County Sheriff’s Office.

The publication notes that this is far from the first time that a huge amount of drugs is found in cheap cars bought at auctions. This state of affairs is especially characteristic of the states that border Mexico: there, smugglers try to transport drugs from one country to another as creatively as possible.