An unique supercar Sbarro Espace GT1 sold In Spain

An unique supercar Sbarro Espace GT1 sold In Spain

September 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

If you have a lot of money to buy a car, do not settle for something from McLaren or Ferrari. Instead, pay attention to the one-of-a-kind Sbarro supercar. This unique car is sold in Marbella, Spain, but for cheap it will not be given.

Supercar in a single copy built in 1999 as a tribute to the victory of Mercedes-Benz in Le Mans in the same year. Already after, a few years later, the company produced the V12-powered GT2. As suggested by the scales, the mass of the GT1 is 2,976 pounds or 1,350 kilograms. The design is sharp and stylish, reminiscent of rivals 90’s such as the Ferrari F50 and Jaguar XJ220.

Under the hood is a large 7.4-liter engine Mercedes V8, which generates 450 hp, which means that it is as powerful as the above rivals. Coupled with this engine is a five-speed manual transmission. Drive – rear. Up to 100 km / h Sbarro GT1 accelerates in 4.9 seconds, and its top speed is 324.9 km / h.

Surprisingly, from the moment of production the car “ran” only 1410 kilometers. Its metallic gray exterior is impeccable, and its red-black velvet interior trim. The kit GT1 includes 18-inch wheels in the front and 19-inch rear.

This is not the first time a car is looking for a new owner: in 2010, a seller from Europe asked for more than one million euros for a rare coupe. JamesEdition does not name the price on its website, but, no doubt, this car will cost at least seven figures to someone who wants to buy it in their garage.