An ultra-high-speed plasma engine for space flights has been developed

An ultra-high-speed plasma engine for space flights has been developed

February 8, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Researchers at Princeton University in the United States announced the development of a new plasma engine. It is reported that in the future it will help spacecraft accelerate ten times faster than now, and this should open up new opportunities for humanity to conquer the universe.

According to scientists, with a new type of low-thrust engine, people will be able to master the solar system on high-speed spacecraft. The new unit is based on super-powerful magnetic fields that push out plasma particles, which provides movement.

According to Fatima Ebrahimi of Princeton University, the idea for such an engine came to her back in 2017. Once on the deck of a ship, she noticed a similarity between car exhaust and high-speed tokomak particles. After the completion of the design work, computer modeling was carried out. It turned out that the new plasma engine is capable of generating exhaust at a speed of hundreds of kilometers per second, which is ten times faster than similar units currently used in the space industry.

Scientists believe that this technology will provide high-speed travel between the planets of the solar system. The thruster is equipped with powerful magnetic fields that allow you to increase or decrease thrust, accelerating or decelerating the spacecraft.