An older motorist had to spend the night in a drowned Volkswagen Golf

An older motorist had to spend the night in a drowned Volkswagen Golf

October 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A resident of the small town of Sarasota, which is located in the US state of Florida, trusted a satellite navigator and spent the whole night in the water.

The 81-year-old American was trapped in her own car, which after an unsuccessful maneuver was almost completely under water. A satellite navigator brought the motorist who controlled the Volkswagen Golf hatchback into the ocean. An elderly woman was heading home at about 21:30. At some point, she misunderstood the prompts of her satellite navigator and ended up on the boat dock. An attempt to slow down was unsuccessful, and the car moved into the water. Fortunately, the depth in this place was shallow: the car was partially submerged in water. The woman, locked in the cabin, remained air, although in a small amount, under the very ceiling.

This was enough to hold out in a water trap until the morning, when a car that had gone under water found a kayaker. He immediately called 911, and later with the help of a kayaker he pulled an elderly American woman out of the door window.

The woman was hospitalized from an emergency. According to doctors, there is currently no threat to the patient’s life. The sunken Volkswagen Golf was pulled out of the water by police officers who arrived at the scene.