An old SAAB 9-5 turned into a Batmobile

An old SAAB 9-5 turned into a Batmobile

November 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Copies of the car of the famous superhero Batman are quite common. Masters very skillfully copy the design of Batmobiles from various screen versions, creating spectacular and high-speed vehicles.

But you will not look at this remark of the Batmobile without a smile. The old SAAB 9-5 was reworked very awkwardly: coarse welding, protruding glass, an absurd fender and the nose-turbine invoice.

Most striking is the fact that the car has a very original lengthened front part – the creator of the project cut off the front part of the cabin, welded a piece of metal above the front seats flush with the hood. Management obviously migrated to the rear seats.

The fact that this is the Batmobile says only the symbols of a superhero on the door and the hood of a car.