An image of the electric wagon VW ID.3 Wagon has appeared on the web

An image of the electric wagon VW ID.3 Wagon has appeared on the web

December 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An independent artist published his vision of how an electric model VW ID.3 in a station wagon might look. There is no data on whether the German brand will work on such a car.

There are two types of vehicles that are gaining popularity recently – SUVs / crossovers and electric cars. Off-road vehicles offer a lot of free space in the cabin and a fairly large clearance – qualities that you will not find in conventional cars, such as a sedan.

While electric cars can boast of an instant start due to the fact that the maximum engine torque is always available to you, well, in addition, you will not need to spend money on gasoline or diesel fuel.

With this in mind, carmakers are making their own electric SUVs that combine both of the growing trends in the automotive industry. And I must say that many companies have already presented similar cars. The German Mercedes has an electric crossover EQC, and the British Jaguar has a model called I-Pace. The American brand Tesla long ago began selling its Model X crossover, and in the coming months it will launch the new SUV Model Y. Even Ford has already introduced its all-electric Mustang Mach-E crossover.

   The renderer published by us depicts the German model Volkswagen ID.3 in the station wagon. According to many analysts, it is precisely this form factor of the car that will allow it to become an ideal alternative to electric SUVs / crossovers. As I said above, this is just a visualization on the station wagon, which was created by an independent artist with the nickname Kleber Silva.

 The rethought version of the electric ID.3 looks really great. Not only because some of us really like station wagons, but also because of how this car really looks beautiful, especially from the back. We especially like the way the roof narrows at the back, adding a sporty appeal to the standard electric hatchback.

 Volkswagen really should consider adding an electric station wagon to its ID family. The trend may not dictate this, but the availability of an alternative for those who do not like SUVs and want spacious cars will not hurt, given the flexibility of the MEB modular platform, on which all modern electric cars of the brand are built.