An image of a “charged” Ford Focus ST appeared on the web

An image of a “charged” Ford Focus ST appeared on the web

August 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The artist decided to imagine what a three-door version of the high-performance Ford Focus ST hatchback would look like. In creating his render, the artist used design elements of the Escort RS Cosworth rally car, which was popular in the last century.

Compact hatchbacks are currently losing their popularity in the automotive world. There is now a growing demand for crossovers and SUVs. This trend is one of the reasons why Ford is not selling the fourth-generation Ford Focus or its sportier version of the Focus ST in its US homeland.

That didn’t stop the imagination of one artist who turned the new Focus ST into a “modern homage to the Escort RS Cosworth.” This high performance rally car was previously a fairly popular model in the United States.

Converting the five-door Focus model into a three-door model required a slight reduction in the wheelbase.

This solution is combined with the slight extension of the rear bumper, which was necessary to match this bumper with the redesigned rear end. The rear has the iconic whale-tail spoiler of the Cosworth rally model and a scalloped taillight design and dual exhaust. Up front, there are new headlights and a more rectangular front end that is distinctly reminiscent of the 90s.

The square taillights seem to have been borrowed straight from the original Cosworth, although the Focus ST’s aggressive rear bumper with large twin tailpipes still fits the resulting car perfectly. The same “recipe” was applied to the front end, where elements of the original Focus ST are harmoniously combined with the design details of the Cosworth rally, such as a small false radiator grille and “buckets” of air intakes on the hood.

The likelihood that Ford will soon return to small, powerful three-door hatchbacks is very small.

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