An exclusive limousine has appeared on sale

An exclusive limousine has appeared on sale

April 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The auction house Mecum Auctions will organize tenders for the sale of the world’s only Limo-Jet. We are talking about a civilian business jet, which has a car tire and a gasoline power unit V8. Of course, he will no longer be able to take off, while on ordinary roads he can move absolutely legally.

To turn a jet into a car 13 meters long, specialists took 12 years. He received a GM power plant with a volume of 8.1 liters with a return of 400 hp, 28-inch wheels, and in the cabin it is worth noting the presence of a 42-inch screen, leather sofas, atmospheric lighting and a 17-kilowatt speaker system. Boarding and disembarking of passengers is carried out thanks to a folding ladder.

Along with an exclusive limousine, there is a Chevrolet 2500 HD pickup truck that has a trailer for transporting it. Although the limo jet does not have problems with driving on ordinary roads, it has all the necessary documentation for this.

Currently, the owner of the limousine is Jettersetter Inc., which was founded by Frank De Angelo. The auction will be held in the summer of 2020, the approximate price for a limo-jet is 5,000,000 euros.