An exact replica of the 1963 Jaguar E-Type racing introduced

An exact replica of the 1963 Jaguar E-Type racing introduced

August 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It took an enthusiastic team eight years to reproduce the rarest sports car of the British brand of all time. The car was presented at The Quail.

Jaguar may have restored a total of 10 copies of the E-Type Series 1 more than two years ago. I must say that the rarest of them is the 1963 Jaguar E-Type Low Drag Coupe, which received the 49FXN index. The main difference between the racing model and the others is the bizarre body shape, which, according to the assurances of the automaker, provides very good aerodynamic performance.

A couple of minutes ago it became known that an exact replica of the iconic coupe was presented – the car that received the designation OWL226 was announced earlier this month. The fully restored E-Type was featured at the Motorsports Gathering event.

“The introduction of this car at Motorsports Gathering was the culmination of nearly a decade of work,” said Marco Diez, owner and designer of OWL226. “I believe the original Jaguar E-Type 49FXN is one of the most beautiful cars ever made.”

This is a very accurate in every sense replica of the coupe back in 1963, which has the full name Diega Concept Jaguar E-Type Low Drag Coupe. The main tasks of the engineering team were to recreate the original 49FXN body and power plant, as well as an exquisite interior.

The Jaguar E-Type Low Drag Coupe OWL226 is equipped with a modern 3.8-liter inline engine with 380 hp. The machine also has a unique air intake that supplies air to the Weber side traction carburetors that equipped the original Jaguar E-Type 49FXN.

It is reported that the car will be exhibited at several other events, which will be announced in the near future.